Catch up with the Times Campaign

Protection gap is the difference between the resources needed, and the resources already available for dependents to maintain themselves and their living standards, if the prime working member is no longer able to support or provide for the family.

Studies have shown that in the last few years, the protection gap for Indian households has grown significantly with nearly 92% Indians facing a protection gap. Indeed, most Indian families are living behind the time when it comes to their life insurance and this fact forms the theme of Insurance company Tata AIA’s ‘Catch Up with the Times’ campaign.


  • Create a need for Protection and Insurance led products
  • Convert existing leads to consumers
  • Create brand love


  • A pure play digital campaign, Tata AIA Life’s online advertising spot-lit the glaring protection gap that most Indians are facing. However we decided to take the campaign a step ahead (beyond banners and an online video) and get leads from prospective candidates – in a fast, efficient and innovative manner.
  • The challenge was to give value to a prospective candidate in a feasible manner. TATA AIA Life’s insurance calculator (later labeled advanced calculator) was cumbersome with 15 questions and it had few takers, generating miniscule leads.
  • We redesigned the entire application to create a quick and engaging calculator that allowed a user to find his protection gap with just 5 questions in a snappy 30 seconds. This calculator was hosted on a specially designed microsite and all new users to the website were automatically directed to this microsite.



The digital video campaign reminds the viewers of the years gone by in a satirical way, while subtly introducing the brand's message on how most many Indian families are living behind the times when it comes to their insurance cover; and how they can now assess their right value by using Tata AIA Life's ‘Catch Up Calculator’.
The calculator while being a tool of lead capture, gave users an additional benefit. It was devised to appeal to people on the move and people with less time.


The Results are displayed with social share integration

This results either display the protection gap if it exists or congratulates the user if he/she is adequately covered.

The End Screen

The end screen then throws up relevant call to action for a user to know more. He/She can also choose the more lengthy advanced calculator for a customized plan or get an advisor to call or alternatively peruse Tata AIA Life’s online products and purchase the same.

Campaign Results