India’s most controversial murder case, the Noida double murder case re-opened on the 2nd October, 2015, with the release of the film- Talvar. With a critically acclaimed director- Meghna Gulzar, writer- Vishal Bhardwaj, Talvar was sure to create a buzz.

Background and Objective

Streamlining the buzz to the right set of audience was to be achieved through the digital strategy.


We had multiples ideas in mind, but we wanted to strike the right cord with our digital campaigns. We wanted people to come out of their comfort zones and start conversing about the forgotten case. Hence, we chose platforms that are dominated by youth, like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


We did a series of activities in a span of 3 months – which gave a good build up for the release. We also ensured the communication is spread across age groups – thereby ensuring everyone in India knows about the most complicated case.


We did a series of activities to create buzz about the film, starting with:


We started the buzz with a pre-launch poster and a trailer launch by sharing images and videos on social media.

The performance began with an announcement, “Make way for the Mahindra Transformers” and the 5 human-vehicle dancers crawled into the performance area (such that they looked like miniature versions of Mahindra vehicles) with 5 spot-lights on them.

Subsequently, we also created a case timeline that gave a detailed explanation and chronology of events that occurred during the 5-year long investigation.

To grab the right kind of attention, we launched a series of minimalistic posters that gave our clues and information about the double murder case.

We also created 2 videos:

  • Infographic video – that spoke about the Noida Double Murder case all explained in 2 minutes. The idea was to give people a glimpse of the entire case, and then lead them to watch the movie
  • Vox Pop – We also conducted a vox-pop with people from Bombay and Delhi, so as to understand how much people knew about the case. At the end of the interview, each person was asked to go and watch the movie

Just a few day before the actual movie release, we shortlisted around 80 bloggers across cities and arranged for a special screening for them.

The bloggers were asked to review the film and post it on their personal blogs. This ensured we reached out to their followers as well, thereby creating massive buzz about the movie release.


Post the movie release, we did a series of posters – which required user engagement. Users were asked to fill in the blanks, guess the characters, etc, which ensured people stay active on the page.

We also arranged for a special screening of the film for celebrities. At the event, we set up a Twitter Mirror, where celebs like Deepika Padukone, Anupama Chopra, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, etc tweeted about the movie via the Twitter Mirror.


The Trailer video received over 8,04,561 views. The infographic video received around 21800 views in less than two weeks, whereas the VOX POP video received over 1754 views.
Facebook received over 940,425 interactions, and Twitter over

A total of 80 bloggers were selected for special screening of the movie and approximately 8208 views were generated only on Blogmint (excluding the views on the blogger’s portal)

At the end of the campaign, we had around 222956 people supporting the film and the case. Last but not least, Talvar becomes the ‘Best Reviewed Film of the Year’

talvar - the case timeline

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