Mahindra KUV100 Dubsmash Contest

The Mahindra KUV100 was the latest entrant in the product portfolio of Mahindra Four Wheelers. Positioned as the young SUV, the KUV100 was catering mainly to the young audience of India.

Campaign Objective:

Consumers were moving more towards SUVs & gradually to compact SUVs. With the launch of Mahindra KUV100, the objective was to build up buzz for the launch and drive engagements leading to test rides.

Campaign Strategy:

We wanted to promote the vehicle to the young audience. Since Social being dominated by the youth, it was easier for us to narrow down upon the platforms. By associating with Varun Dhawan, we ensured we reach out to maximum people.
Along with engagement, we also wanted people to be expressive. We wanted them to talk about the vehicle in their own style. That’s when the idea of using the Dubsmash app occurred to us.

Campaign Concept:

We decided to let people express their thoughts about the vehicle in an innovative way – through Dubsmash videos. Users were asked to pick a song/dialogue from Bollywood and tell us their feelings when they first saw the Mahindra KUV100. This is how we kick-started the KUV100 campaign.

Campaign Execution:


For the first time ever in the automobile industry, the first look of the vehicle was revealed even before the actual launch. We made people take a look at the image and tell us what they felt when they first saw the Mahindra KUV100. Every user had to express their feelings through a Dubamash video. On Dubsmash, we created the KUV100 soundboard. All the user had to do was to pick a dialogue/song from the list and come up with a Dubsmash that best suits the vehicle’s philosophy.
We received some great response for the Dubsmash – right from movie dialogues to songs, people were very creative in their entries.
Since we received some great entries, each week we create snippets of best Dubsmash videos on promoted it on our social pages.

Each phase of the launch of the digital promotion, including ‘When I first saw the KUV100 Dubsmash contest’, Varun Dhawan’s Dubsmash video, and ‘Personalized Billboard’ was extensively promoted on KUV’s official social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

Campaign Results:

The campaign was a blockbuster, receiving a tremendous amount of response. KUV100 got featured on many online communities, blogs and famous auto websites like ‘,, and many more.


  • The pre-launch itself garnered around 2500 entries- everyone expressing their love for the brand.
  • Social Media collectively (including Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and YouTube) gave us around 59, 00,000 + interactions.
  • The campaign received around 762 entries on the microsite.