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The Summary Statement

Godrej Security Solutions was to launch their newest product Goldilocks, a personal locker for everyday valuables. New and fresh in the market, the brand wanted to create a buzz and make people aware of this one of a kind product.

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People tend to misplace their everyday valuables such as wallet, earrings, watches, keys etc. We wanted to create a space for the need of a locker to store everyday valuables and to make this category a talking point. Over a span of 6 months, we have aimed to build this category via various campaigns and tie-ups. Taking inspiration from the brand’s core though of the children’s tale ‘Goldilocks & the three bears’, we aimed to highlight the idea of the ‘right fit’ for one’s everyday valuables just as Goldilocks finds her right fit in the baby bear’s porridge, bed and so on.


01. #UnlockGoldilocks


  • Launch of the locker that included influencer based contests and promotions on Facebook & Twitter
  • Give a small preview into what could possibly be coming next, create an excitement on something cool and compact
  • Introduce the product


  • Day 1: Guess what it is #UnlockGoldilocks
    • With the help of the influencers, and subtle hints, asked users to guess what the product was on Twitter
    • Promoted Posts on FB
    • EOD 1: Unveiling of the product / website
  • Day 2: A Q&A hosted by the influencers, redirecting the fans to the website so that they can know more about the product and features is #UnlockGoldilocks
    • Promoted Posts on FB
  • Day 3: Promoted tweet asking users where they store their daily valuables is #UnlockGoldilocks
    • Promoted Posts on FB


In spite of it being a festive weekend and there being other brands hosting contests, Goldilocks & #UnlockGoldilocks trended in Mumbai and India on Day 2
  • The product saw a good and positive response on Social Media
  • The activity resulted in maximum participation as well had a good conversation flow on Twitter
  • Were able to generate an excitement around the product

02. #LostLoveStories


  • A predecessor to Valentine’s Day, personifying the valuables that find their right fit inside the compact locker by creating love stories
  • The posters consisted of daily valuables having a romantic conversation, and how Goldilocks brings them together; highlighting the category and product from a different point of view
  • The stories would ask users to complete these love stories by reuniting the two objects in their Goldilocks, thus, #LostLoveStories


  • Using language and a medium that is popular and easily relatable to, the series of posters were a result of a hypothetical WhatsApp conversation between two lost lovers
  • With the added element of humour and lost love, a take on modern relationships and couples, the objects were made to have their own love story, the end to which would be the purchase of a Goldilocks by the user


The posters saw a good engagement rate on Facebook because of the personification of the objects, making it something the fans can relate to

03. #SealTheLove


  • After #LostLoveStories, Goldilocks decided to #SealTheLove
  • Post the series of lost love posters, we hosted a contest on Twitter for lovers to express the one quality about their partner that makes them feel secure. The quality that makes them #SealTheLove, making each other the right fit.
  • The contest was held on Valentine’s Day for a few hours


Users were asked to tell us the quality that made them feel the most secure and could win prizes


In spite of being held on a topical day with many brands doing the same the campaigns generated a high organic interaction.

04. Tie-Up with ScoopWhoop

Along with ScoopWhoop, we curated an article on “10 Things We Never Find When We Want To” leading the users to safe-keep their everyday valuables in a Goldilocks

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