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‘Live Young, Live Free’ App

Having introduced the ‘utility vehicle’ segment to India way back on the year 1947, Mahindra and Mahindra’s Automotive business has crossed every possible milestone so far in the industry and all benchmarks in the Utility Vehicle segment.

Taking this forward, a brand new philosophy of ‘Live Young, Live Free’ came to life. Not only does it showcase the vast SUV portfolio, but also brings about the spirit of adventure, joy, and freedom together. Thus, to enable this spirit to take over we created an engaging platform – the LYLF App.

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Campaign Background and Objectives:

After extensive research and understanding consumer insights, we saw tremendous potential in creating an app that would suit the requirement of ‘now’ travelers – and thus taking the spirit of ‘Live Young, Live Free’ forward to speak to an audience that truly imbibes it.

The objective was to enable people to create a platform where people can plan and share experiences and make the perfect companion for road trippers in India.

Campaign Strategy

With the objective set, we began developing the app that would roll out just in time for the sequel of Mahindra’s popular magnum opus – the Live Young, Live Free anthem.

The idea was to ensure that the spirit of LYLF resonates and creates recall amongst the target audience well in time for ‘adventure season’.

Campaign Concept

Be it an avid traveler, an enthusiast or the average car owner, there’s no greater joy for them than a road trip. We wanted to create a platform that would realistically let users discover the best road trips in India – from experts’ choice to users’ choice.

One can use the app to create his or her own trip, collaborate with other users, use the app as a navigation tool, share live updates of the journey, ask for on-the-fly expert advice, add tips and do much more.

Campaign Execution

Leveraging our expertise in mobile technology, over the span of 10 exhaustive months of research, development, design, and testing the app, we ensured that it is a platform that is dynamic, constantly evolving, and always enhances the user experience.

The app was taken live on the App Store and Google Playstore shortly before Christmas in 2016, just in time for the launch of the ‘Live Young, Live Free’ TV ad sequel. The launch was cross-promoted across all the hero brands of Mahindra on social media with impactful communication.

Campaign Results

Within a short span of 60 days, this road trippers companion has more than 6000 downloads on iOS and Android. Over 4500 users have created more than 5000 trips and shared 780 trips on the app. This app has assisted it's road trippers to explore more than 28 Destinations and add around 450 Unique Places.