Godrej & Boyce Corporate Film

Godrej as a company has manifold businesses that even employees at Godrej are unaware of. With each team working independent of the others, the branding team felt that Godrejites needed to know the company they work for better. From creating vital components for strategic defence installations to contributing to the Mars and Moon missions, Godrej is far more than home appliances and locks, contrary to commonly held notions. And it was this thought that spurred the branding team to reach out to us, to create a video to highlight their different verticals and project Godrej as one company with incredible milestones to its credit.


We conceptualized a video that merged animation with real footage to heighten interest. The common consensus was that only realistic 3D animation could do justice to Godrej’s contributions in vital sectors, and that is what we opted for. The entire script was deliberated on and condensed to highlight the many verticals into three broad level content buckets – INFRASTRUCTURE, WORK & HOME with each further distilling down to key components and products.


The entire video was visualized as a single entity, However, it was also structured such that it could be clipped to create separate segments (i.e. a separate mini-video on Infra alone, for instance) at a later stage, if the need arose. Furthermore as part of PHASE 2 (currently underway) interactive elements will also be added to the video that will allow the user to peruse different products on clicking - within a specific business vertical.


Months of R&D and effort went into streamlining the scattered components and information about the brand and condensing it into a single script without compromising on any one vertical. Needless to say multiple stakeholders from Godrej’s side were involved with each department’s representative adding his or her inputs on the output.

  • The narrator of the video was shot against a green screen and the 3D imagery was later created and superimposed seamlessly.
  • Using state-of-the-art 3D modeling, every component of the video was rendered photo realistic for maximum effect.
  • The end objective of creating a cost-effective video that deftly captured the interests of all the stakeholders was indeed met and the client(s) were more than pleased with the final output.


The video was showcased internally to all Godrejites as well as at B2B meets held across different verticals. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive and the main objective of showcasing Godrej’s strengths to all on the team, and to partners, was achieved.

People across the spectrum were impressed and for the most part the video was an eye-opener as hardly anyone was aware of the length and breadth of Godrej’s business as a whole.

As part of Phase 2, the video will roll out to the general public but as of now it remains an in-house B2B company video that spotlight’s Godrej’s achievements across Infrastructure, Workspaces and Lifestyles.